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Who are the people behind Moment?
Moment was transformed to be a hotspot for the locals. The restaurant is established in De Meern by the owner of Jasmine Palace, Michael Man; together with his wife Tanja Trinh and previous owner of LaKay Catering & Events Kay van den Bosch. The three have known each other for years and wanted to share their passion for food and drinks with everyone.

Couple Michael Man & Tanja Trinh
Michael man and Tanja Trinh are co-owners of Moment but also of Jasmine Palace. Michael has taken over the Asian restaurant Jasmine Palace from his parents and has been well known in De Meern. Tanja owns Tanja’s Bakery, where she makes pies and pastries. Michael and Tanja were looking for a new property for a new restaurant. Tanja: “Suddenly the property next to us was empty, so I thought that I’d like to open a new restaurant there. And then things got rolling; we were looking for a chef and we immediately thought of Kay!”

Chef Kay van den Bosch
Kay van den Bosch is a chef and co-owner of Moment. He grew up in De Meern and his passion for food began while he was a student. He has a special connection with Moment; 15 years ago he worked as a dishwasher and apprentice chef at the former restaurant. The entrepreneurship of was always present within Kay; he started LaKay Catering & Events and several other catering industry projects. Kay, enthusiastically: “I always used to like cooking here and it felt like coming home. I’ve always loved this building because of its shape and atmosphere; and of course the locals. I was thrilled when Michael and Tanja approached me to start Moment together. I answered with “Yes, let’s do this”. It felt like a dream come true!”